very cute buckskin mule “Jim” SOLD

This guy is Mr Personality




Just in time for Mule Day. Here is the cutest mule we have ever seen with a typical mule personality, very, very amusing.

He is  5  years old, with a dorsal stripe down his back. Part Sicilian donkey also commonly referred to as  Jesus donkey, the markings on his shoulders form a cross. Rare Buckskin color, and full of sass and spunk. Will he kick? If he gets the opportunity yes. I mean, come on he is a mule.  But he is also smart and a quick learner. In one day he learned all about grooming, how to take a saddle, how to stand on a stump and more. He leads well, trailers well, tacks well and you can even pick up his feet, although I would suggest caution with those back ones. He is a “willing to learn” boy and is just plain fun! By the end of the afternoon he was even learning some manners. And he now knows kicking is not mannerly. We haven’t broke him to ride yet but he is training and is doing great. We are asking $750 for him. We might listen to best offers if you get us before someone else does and you have cash in hand and a trailer on the back of your truck. Jim is 12 hands high, so he is a great size to do a lot of things with.