Sunshine well broke child’s mare pony – broodmare – SOLD

This is Sunshine, she is 14 yrs old. We got her about 9 years ago and she has served my children well. She has beautiful babies and has them with absolute ease. Most all of the ponies we have here are from her. She is well broke and yet fun to ride. She is also perfectly happy in a pasture raising colts. She is about 36 inches high so is perfect for a small child or can even be taught to pull a cart. My 7 yr old daughter is on her in the picture, so you can see her size. She has beautiful coloring and really pretty blue eyes. I hate to see her go, but we have more ponies than small riders ad she is way to good to not be enjoyed by someone’s child.

We are asking $850 for Sunshine. Use the contact link above for more info.

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