Welcome to our little corner of Mt Pleasant TN!  This site just started as a place to show some out of state family and folks some pictures of our horses. They weren’t even the best pictures, just something kind of spur of the moment. Then some wonderful neighbors made us our farm sign you see above. They asked what we wanted on it and I mentioned putting the website address on it .
I had no idea so many people would see it!
But it seems to get noticed quite often so I figured I better start putting something useful on it! For right now there are still the pictures of some of our horses, a few ads (to pay for the upkeep of the site), and some farm pictures. I plan to add some of the articles I write and some other family news from time to time.
As you can tell we are a Christian family with lots of children. We believe children are a gift from the Lord and you can call me greedy but I want everything Jesus has for me. I will answer one often asked question. “Are they all yours?” Yep, every one of them! Jim and I have been married 21 years! One momma, one Daddy and lots of youngins! And yes we will gladly take more if the Lord chooses to bless us.
Jim is also locally known as “jumpin Jim”, for his reputation for lively preaching in the Maury County Jail. It is funny how far that name reaches, we met someone who was going to bible school in TX once who said he was from this area and one of the teachers responded, “oh yeah, I know a guy from there, they call him jumpin Jim”. We think the Lord has a sense of humor. But however He chooses to use us is just fine with us.
Another thing folks are so curious about is our youngest daughter’s name. Mercy. No, I did not cry out, “Lord have mercy”, while in labor, and then name her such. I will try to share the whole story and put it as a link on the left. I will tell you though it is very heart touching and proves the goodness of God, so get your hanky ready.
So what else does everyone want to know about the Raine family? I will do my best to share as the Lord allows me time. Fell free to email us any time.


  1. john chapman says:

    hey just checking out your website and i loved it !!!!


    Hey yall love your website and i will see u at star rodeo!!! see yall soon! MCKAYLA DAWN HENSON

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